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But yeah. RyanDG is just lazy

Yeah.  Just a little bit.  Though I would like to make up an elaborate excuse about how it's because of my extremely busy "real life", I know that everyone is in the same position that I am in and it is simply an excuse for me not doing more background checks on other sites' sources when its not clear what the original source was.  It is something that I'm going to try to work on a bit more (even though, in a lot of cases my Japanese language skills are pretty rough around the edges) - because above all else, it is just basic common courtesy to give the appropriate credit where credit is due.

By the way icy - I enjoyed your review on Guilty Gear II Overture plus the Overview you posted today.  I've been considering importing Guilty Gear II Overture but haven't gotten around to doing so yet.  You've piqued my interest enough though that I think I'm going to finally do it...


(20 respuestas, enviadas el English talk)

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That's why I asked you not to link stuff like Neo Arcadia's on IC's frontpage. That site's popularity is all thanks to their dirty methodology and the people's ignorance/idiocy.

Time to revise Postback's link page, I guess.

Edit -- Ditto:


http://www.arcade-renaissance.com/2007/ … cades.html

: )

I'll be honest.  I probably don't do as much link back checking as I probably should on my original sources.  If the site I link to ends up giving credit elsewhere, I'll post both sources.  If not, I just cite them as where I find the information.  I'll try to be a bit more conscious about it in the future.  I'll also be sure to fix the link on my blog to go to the Postback forums in the above post (from Arcade Renaissance). 

I've seen your information cited a couple of times before, but I really haven't spent that much time on your site previously.  It is a great treasure trove of information though - so kudos to you.