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Simplemente una raspberry Pi 3 con salida RGB para monitores CRT

¿ Solución versátil ? ( incluido MAME )

¿ Opiniones ?




"Versátil", con esa potencia bruta, no puede serlo mucho.

No tengo experiencia de primera mano, pero hoy por hoy Linux y sus derivados no pueden alcanzar a Windows en términos de respuesta al control (debe de ser un solo "frame" de diferencia, pero se trata de restar y no lo contrario). Luego, me suena haber leído limitaciones en cuanto a la generación de "modelines". En definitiva, depende probablemente de lo que quieras emular y cómo, por lo que, "versátil", no precisamente.



Calamity escribió:

Ves, Doozer and I have done new latency measurements on current Linux (e.g. GroovyArcade 2018) and we can all confirm that latency-wise Linux is finally on par with Windows. This means you can achieve next frame response routinely as long as you use frame delay on a semidecent machine.

For instance, this video was recorded by Ves on a Core2Duo using -fd 7, latest GroovyArcade and a "minibox" as input device (keyboard encoder through ps-2), where you can see next frame response for some of the samples (depending on how late the input happens in previous frame): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1J3BJg … X4oxcLckXK

This was certainly NOT the case a few years ago when some of us performed the same tests (check previous pages in this thread). So there must have been some change in the kernel in the meantime making next frame response possible.

I think it's important to post about this so we're all updated to current knowledge of things.

http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.p … msg1647493

Raspberry Pi debe de quedarse muy corta de prestaciones para usar "frame delay" con cierta soltura, de todos modos.