Tema: Dormiveglia.




We plan to release Dormiveglia for PC first and foremost before considering other consoles or platforms.

· Precise rope-swinging tied with speedrun-friendly mechanics that let you zoom across the screen!

· Intuitive and tight controls inspired by older Metroidvania games that provide simple, yet challenging combat and platforming.

· Secrets hidden throughout and lots of whips – all with differing abilities and attributes for Quinn to wield.

· Talk among the people living in each town and learn more about the hidden history (and lore!) of Elysium – or get some hints on where to go next.

· 5 playable chapters, each focusing on a major village.

· A plethora of bosses who stand in your way, all for you to conquer.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/do … ormiveglia

https://darkonius-mavakar.itch.io/dormi … -sage-demo