Tema: Zaku for Lynx

It's a new shooting game for Atari Lynx by Super Fighter Team.  Why?

Footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bjkg4Lnypw
Official Site: http://www.zaku-lynx.com/


Re: Zaku for Lynx

They aren't getting sued by Atari for unlicensed logos and whatnot, that's for sure. Is Super Fighter better than Fight Fever?

And only slightly related: have you cleared Parodius Da!, I heard?

And what about fixing your sig, your profile's link and, better yet, making a thread in order to let the three visitors here know about Mega Shock!'s focus?


Re: Zaku for Lynx

Yeah I beat Parodius Da!.


Re: Zaku for Lynx

Was it the Intended Way (TM) and without cheating arts like autofire, may I ask?

Also, which version was it? I was wondering if anybody else noticed how the SS version is easier than the arcade one.


Re: Zaku for Lynx

Yes, I didn't stray from the Intended Way, but I did use autofire.  It was the SS version too.


Re: Zaku for Lynx

The usage of autofire explains it a little bit, I think, but still it's an awesome achievement given the game's length. You need to start using an arcade stick and forget about cheating techniques like that.

Have you also played seriously Goku-Paro, I assume? The self-adjusting difficulty system is even more horrid there. One of Konami's lamest. And there are even stage-design differentiations between ARC - SS.


Re: Zaku for Lynx

I couldn't get too far into Goku without messing up.  I'd really like to get an arcade stick but I always end up buying a game instead.


Re: Zaku for Lynx

You'll regret that the day you do the jump, of course.