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This game is crazy. When it comes to Capcom arcade platformers I've mostly put time into Strider, Willow, Magic Sword and Daimakaimura, but after putting more time into it I must say Tora he no Michi practically blows them all away.

The level design is amazing, literally every single new piece of each stage throws something completely new at you, and the actual scene progression and visuals are top notch and constantly keep things interesting. The amount of variety is practically the same as Strider, but Tora he no Michi goes a lot longer than 10 minutes.

Also the 'training' stages along with stuff such as the conversations with the mid bosses and bosses gives the game a feeling of being an 'action rpg', which I think helps it even more so in being as interesting and fun as it is.

The fact this came before most of the other well known Capcom platformers is crazy, and yet people don't seem to talk about this one all that much, which is strange.

I see you have a review of it Recap, so what do you think? The visuals might not be anywhere near the technical level of Willow, but the art design is still amazing and all the other elements of the games design, most importantly the stage layout and progression, are just incredible.


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I love it and always did. Even the abysmal A500 version took a lot of my time by then. It got the highest score here, I believe --though that's not saying much, actually--. My explanation as to why it's not that much loved in general was that it's too difficult, especially in the beginning, more so than Makaimura, and got hidden among so many iterations of the formula, with the much easier Black Dragon and Rastan getting all the attention in the West. But the stuff they put into it is overwhelming. They could have made like a dozen of games by developing a bit the scenarios they invented just for this game. It didn't get the most awesome graphics of it's time --R-Type was already there--, but the technology they used was quite old by then, and they did really get the best out of it.

Need to go back to it one day. Never finished the original version.


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Also: http://postback.geedorah.com/revisiones … chi_01.htm


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The design of the sprites might not be completely amazing but the backgrounds with all the elaborate paintings and statues are incredible.

And the amount of variety and content just cant be understated, with every single area or room having completely new enemies, obstacles and background graphics, and all of it well designed. Capcom must have really pushed the employees in the arcade division.


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You won't find a game with so many bosses prior to Michi. And then almost every sub-stage is a different idea mechanics-wise too.

I'm moving this to the public side, given that it's already reviewed.


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Now I know what to play when I've finished enjoying Black Dragon.


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Recap escribió:

with the much easier Black Dragon and Rastan getting all the attention in the West.

Notice I meant there "Black Tiger". Black Dragon was indeed kind of a bastard too, unlike its adaptation for the US. It's more about memorization anyway. Memorization alone will do notin' on Michi.