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I'll try to read the whole charade tomorrow if I feel like it but let's just notify for now that

Recap never ever joined that chat nor talked with those kids anywhere

A case of impersonation, that is.


Re: Recap himself.

It's also one of idiocy, it seems, since, as an attempt at being Recap for a noon, it's really poor and I can't find a reason for somebody to waste his time with that. The only thing I can think of is that they're trying to get my attention for the same obsessive reasons they stole Icycalm's site, since they seem to be the same people. So here it is, kids. I'll address these two points now that that crap is linked here in case you find out:

I'm not just "one of the foremost experts on 2D Japanese games (and especially 2D visuals)". I'm also the foremost expert on '3-D' and Western games since I'm apparently the only one who knows how much attention they exactly deserve.

As for the percentile scores in my reviews -- yeah, they make sense. Only an idiot would think that I'm such an idiot as to think that anybody can measure a game's quality, nor it's particular aspects, by using percentiles. So read -- it's a fucking comparison tool. With it, you can know that, say, Captain Commando is a slightly better game than Lightbringer. And so on.

You're welcome.

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Re: Recap himself.

Recap escribió:

I'll address these two points now that that crap is linked here in case you find out:

That has happened, and if you return to the thread you'll see it has developed. You've addressed only two of the points raised by either me or the imitator in those logs, and on both counts you have agreed with the imitator. I am convinced that most of the imitator's ideas run parallel to yours unless you'd like to set the record straight and refute what nearly every witness has perceived to be a dead-on parody.

That is a summary of my response beginning here: http://www.the-ghetto.org/forums/index. … 4#msg19974


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DJOrwell escribió:

You've addressed only two of the points raised by either me or the imitator in those logs,

No, I haven't. I've addressed a point raised later by a member of that forum concerning myself and only one point raised in those logs concerning my review policies. Believe it or not, I don't have the obligation to address any point from that random conversation. Write it up in your notebook.

And in all honesty, my little kid, I don't really care about this crusade of yours. You're too... immature to introduce yourself with politeness and apologize --at the very least-- for spreading out an impersonation incident, to understand that a couple of friends of yours can never be "every witness" in a public internet forum, to know the meaning of 'parody' or even to solve such an elementary algebra operation as is the arithmetic mean. How in the world could I want to hold a discussion with you on strategy games or the actual relevance of Western video-games? Man -- those aren't even your own counterclaims, but the very ones by Icycalm in his Postback thread at Insomnia.

Better luck next time.

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Re: Recap himself.

Hello Recap,

I'm just curious about one thing in regards to how you work out your review scores. Orwell suggested that for each review the overall score is an average of the others, which of course it is not, though the average and the overall score are very close for the reviews I have looked at.

So my question is this: do you work the component scores first and fit the overall score to them? Or is it the other way around? Or do you decide on each score unrelated to the others? And what is the process that leads you to your scores?

I hope you can clear that up for me, and hope to see more of your reviews in the future :)


PS: Any more plans for English translations of Postback?


Re: Recap himself.

Hello, Sam.

Your questions are pretty much answered here already -- being the scores a game comparison tool, I don't need to think about how the global score relates to the aspectual scores, although, given that the latter are essentially a breakdown of both, mechanics and aesthetics, coincidence, to a point, should come off naturally.

I had made up my mind about getting rid of this score system for Postback 2.0 in favour of the more universally accepted 1-to-5 overall scale, but you people are really making me think otherwise thanks to this silly controversy.