Tema: Bangle and Maggie.

BangleAndMaggie is highly kinetic & involves controlling the titular duo as they are linked together. Bangle is the muscle & can perform regular or special attacks. Maggie casts spells from their shared pool of energy to provide cover for Bangle or create combination attacks.

The number of inspirations are pretty vast but the primary goal was to make a multi character action game where you could really control both at the same time.

Capcom's DnD and Ninja Warriors are near the top of that list.


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En desarrollo desde EE. UU. Si no todo él, al menos la base parece diseñada a 640 * 360.


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Ha desaparecido el mensaje con el vídeo en Twitter, así que, que no se pierda el de You Tube, que es lo único que hay...:



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