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Hay que joderse. ¿Pondrán los juegos del Live Arcade?


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A mí me parece una buena idea...


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I hate them because of their attitude. Unless you're the type of gamer who plays games either for score, or to single credit them, then they all become fairly disposable experiences that last for maybe 20 minutes before you've seen everything they have to offer. Any time anyone makes a comment criticizing this, shooter fans go all apeshit about how they "don't get it", but really, it's quite a valid issue.

The issue stems from Cave games all originating in the arcade. When you're staring down at a vertically oriented monitor, inches from your face, surrounded by the thick haze and odor of smoke (a mainstay of Japanese arcades), and every death is essentially money out of your pocket, plus the thrill that maybe someone behind you is checking our your shumpping skills - it's something that just can't be replicated on the consoles, when no one's around and continuing is as easy as hitting the Start button. What motivation is there to play it "properly"?

"Hey, guyz, I know that pressing the Start button during the 'continue' screen spoils my game but I'm too idiot to refrain myself from doing that even if I'm looking for a motivation to play it properly".

No tiene desperdicio. Su problema de amor-odio no es con los juegos de Cave, sino con él mismo.

Y teniendo en cuenta que yo mismo me molesté en explicar punto-por-punto al infeliz este hace un par de años por qué "no lo pilla" [ > ] (raramente me entretengo en tantas contemplaciones, de hecho), la lectura se hace especialmente... amena.

Pero la estupidez no tiene cura, se ve.