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Tema: Regarding Ruliweb

I was wondering what's going on with all the Ruliweb links in this forum. It seems that after a while they die out... ?

The reason I am asking is because I am trying to set up an archive with scans, etc. on my site, and so I've been browsing Postback for relevant links. The Ruliweb links are almost all dead now.


Re: Regarding Ruliweb

They are? What are you looking for, exactly?



Re: Regarding Ruliweb

Here's an example of a dead Ruliweb link from the Mana-Khemia thread:

http://postback.geedorah.com/foros/view … 1514#p1514

Where do these pages go? Check for example your Culdcept Saga thread and you'll see that every single one of the half-dozen Ruliweb links is dead.

What I am looking for is primarily scans, but also for general info regarding various games.


Re: Regarding Ruliweb

If I recall Ruliweb got a complete renewal recently, maybe it has to do with the dead links. Try this:




Re: Regarding Ruliweb

Oh, I guess that makes sense. I was thinking that maybe they took the pages down after a set period of time, because, you know, scans are illegal and all.

Thanks for the Mana-Khemia link!