Tema: Candle.

A dynamic graphic adventure with handmade visuals - an incredible mixture of the Graphic Adventure and Platformer genres.


Se ha anunciado de momento en formato electrónico para WIN y el servicio de descargas occidental de Wii U.

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Re: Candle.

The high resolution gives the visuals some appeal, but the character designs are repulsive and the environments too drab.  You can tell the designers are European and unfortunately informed artistically by all those old Amiga games with dull, gnarled forests.  Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari accomplished this style much better 15 years ago, much less Vanillaware's more recent works.


Re: Candle.

I think landscape illustrations with gnarled trees have been a thing in Europe at least since the 19th Century:


(Which no wonder took inspiration in rococo paintings by Boucher and whatnot.)

I agree with the character design being laughable, but I find backgrounds quite tolerable (as well as the music). If you're comparing it with some of the highest peaks of 2-D video-game art ever made such as Nanatsu Kaze or Odin Sphere, it's natural it stinks to a degree, though.


Re: Candle.

Esto lleva... un año a la venta en WIN:

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