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Inspired by classics of the genre like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, the gameplay of Signalis is a love-letter to the golden era of survival horror. Central to the game is its unsettling mood and multilayered story. To advance in the game, the player has to solve various puzzles by breaking codes, using radio signals or by combining objects. Combat is only a last resort since ammunition is scarce and enemies are not easily defeated, so players must carefully choose when to fight and when to run.

Signalis started out as the very first digital game that rose-engine developed. The first prototype looked very different - it was a 2D side-scroller in a much lower resolution. Many iterations and a Bachelor thesis later it has evolved into a top-down third-person survival horror experience using low-poly 3D models and 2D sprites to create fluid animations blended with a pixel-perfect look.

A Kickstarter campaign is planned for fall 2018 to help finance the remainder of the game. It will subsequently be released for PC and is going to be rose-engine's first commercial title.





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When we started implementing 3D assets, our highest priority was to always get as close as possible to the look we had already created with 2D assets. We liked the way the game looked, we just wanted to enhance its motion.

One way we do this is by strictly sticking to a 640 x 360 pixel resolution. Everything in the game is rendered at this resolution before it’s upscaled to final game resolution. Just like the sprites, the 3D objects must stick to this limitation, matching their level of detail.


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