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Tema: Gamest Scan Collection

http://outrun-1986.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ga … llery.html

Huge gallery of Gamest scans from the site After Burners.  Not complete scans though.  They include the cover, table of contents, and a section for behind the scenes type stuff with staff artwork and interviews.

For an example of how awesome this is, here's a scan featuring an interview with Irem plus some design documents from R-Type.

http://outrun-1986.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ga … 89_03.html


Re: Gamest Scan Collection

Really cool. I'll believe there's a god the day I find the whole Gamest/Arcadia Magazine collection properly scanned in this internet of ours.


Re: Gamest Scan Collection


I'm a very fan of this magazine. It's a pity that are not complete, but hey, better than nothing.

Thanks so much!