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My personal site about 2D games, old game artwork, and possibly tokusatsu (Japanese live action superheroes) if I ever get around to it.  Right now I have a couple reviews, a gallery, and a bunch of my game replays up.


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Thanks, Josh. I like the new layout too, but I miss the old info boxes.

By the way, in case you don't know about these sites yet, I'm sure you'll like them:




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Here's another quick update: http://turntoch3.com/megashock/gallery/ … sy_star_2/


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Nice. Do you have that book?


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No, it was cleaned up from an image I found on another site.  I do have the game, so I should probably flip through the manual to see if there's anything cool in there I could add.


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I'm not as interested in PSIV as I am in other Sega titles, actually. Especially arcade games; the art in the official flyers is usually ruined or non-existent.


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Batman (NES) Review:
http://www.turntoch3.com/megashock/revi … /index.htm


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You must know that you've got with your review what I never got with any of mine -- mate M. to play a game.


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"mate M. to play a game"

What's that?


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Ah, I'll rephrase that: You awakened my mate M's interest in playing a particular game.


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Recap, with this phrase refers to me.

Recap doesn't like the 8-bit game, he find them as a mere outline of what should be the 16-bit games. I understand that here we enter a question of his personal taste.

For me, Batman is one of the best games I've had on NES, comparable to Natsume's KAGE (Blue Shadow), for those aspects that you've commented in your article and others. But unfortunately I could not make it run at its native resolution with virtuanes097e. A problem, which undoubtedly,  have to solve soon.

Anyway, Recap also says that I'm not interested in games that he recommend to me, and that's not entirely true at all.


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I wish games like Kickmaster, Kage, Rockman IV, Metal Storm, and Captain Saver were used as blueprints for the 16-bit era.  Instead, most developers thought it prudent to endlessly recreate Super Mario Bros. with worse characters and stages.

Anyway, I was planning on doing 20 or so NES/FC reviews before moving to 16-bit.  Hopefully Recap can still enjoy the text anyway.


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Marshall forgot to add "presentation-wise". I'm all for '8-bit concepts', to put it that way, but the hardware limitations--especially those of the FC--were a wall too high for the artists to get appealing-enough visuals. I thought so back in the day (most likely, thanks to the arcade games) and I still believe that. It's not very different to The Handheld Issue -- why should one give a shit about games for imperceptible screens.

And I'm not sure "most" developers took the Super Mario route when designing side-scroll action games. That's sure for the case of Western developers, or even in the context of the Western home markets, but the Japanese diversity is not a myth.

http://postback.geedorah.com/revisiones … kun_01.htm

http://postback.geedorah.com/revisiones … _ii_01.htm

http://postback.geedorah.com/revisiones … ies_01.htm

http://postback.geedorah.com/revisiones … opn_01.htm

http://postback.geedorah.com/revisiones … den_01.htm

Super Mario was bit tainting though, I won't deny that.


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That's understandable I guess.  I still think there are a handful of NES games that look better than a lot of the PC Engine games of the time.  Ninja Ryuukenden II, Street Fighter 2010, and Moon Crystal would probably be the best examples.

Western developers aping Mario is obvious, but look what Data East did with Tatakae Genshijin 2 for example.  You're right that there's still a bunch of awesome side-scrolling action games but for every Hagane and Super Shinobi there were 30 Tatakae Genshijin 2s.


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http://turntoch3.com/megashock/gallery/ … ame_works/


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I didn't know there was a God Slayer illustration by Terada. The game's cover art suddenly looks subpar...

Can we expect more entries there?


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Awesome artwork there JoshF.


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Recap, I have a bunch of old Nintendo Power scans with a ton of his artwork in it.  I'll be uploading more of that over the months.  If I ever get a scanner again I can upload the art he did for the SS Kaitei Daisensou manual.

Thanks Schwerer.


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How's it that that mag features all this (inedit?) artwork from Terada? Does it do it with other artists too?

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I don't know but the old issues featured more Japanese artists that others, hence still worth looking at today.  The old Howard & Nester comics are great and use Moebius-like hatching and stippling.  There are Star Fox and Super Metroid comics like that as well.

Also remember it's the Rakugaking we're talking about.  He puts out a ton of stuff.


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But the thing is how come an American mag got his stuff/hired him.


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It was co-produced by some Japanese companies.