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I am Rarebreed.  I'm a solo game dev currently working on my first ps4/nintendo switch/Steam title called Blazing Strike.  Blazing Strike is a 2d style fighting game with modernized looks and original gameplay/mechanics.

As the sole developer of the game, trying to complete the game and releasing it on the market has been very tough.  And today I have decided to ask all of my potential Patrons for help!

New way to defend.  When I was testing the concept of Rush Mode, I came to realize that defensive mechanism of major 2D fighting games is what made creating a new game system almost impossible. Blazing Strike does things a little different. Defense is broken down to 3 types: block, guard, and parry.



Suena a ciencia-ficción que un solo hombre pueda sacar un proyecto así adelante, pero apunta maneras, así que, lo seguiremos.


Re: Blazing Strike.

2 new additions to the roster! Hana on the right and alexander on the left



Re: Blazing Strike.

Fragmento de captura donde al menos se puede apreciar que la intención es, aparentemente, mantener la misma resolución de diseño en todo el juego:


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