Tema: Red/Racjin connection

Are these two the same company? I am asking this based on your Tengai Makyou review:

http://postback.geedorah.com/revisiones … den_01.htm

and because of my ASH review:


in which I say a few things about this Racjin -- IF it is the same which made Tengai Makyou...


Re: Red/Racjin connection

Red and Racjin (or "Racdym", as you may find eventually) have nothing to do with each other. Red didn't develope Shin Den, either (besides original character design, obviously -- the series it is based on is its creation). Racjin did, and developed ASH, too.


Re: Red/Racjin connection

I was under the impression that this Racjin was a relatively new company, that's why I was surprised to see them as developers of Tengai Makyou.