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Too bad the forum doesn't have a PM system.

In case you didn't know: http://gamedic.jpn.org


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It has an "e-mail" link for every member, though.

And thanks. Nice 8-bit selection!


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The Famicom artwork generally seems to be less obstructed by ad text.  Like this:

http://gamedic.jpn.org/museum/tirasi/FC … 0127_1.jpg

Too many Westerners are quick to dismiss Toriyama after contemplating precious youth spent watching badly dubbed filler epidodes of DBZ, but he really is the master of chibi stylization.  You get the pleasant saturation and minimalism, but enough detail to the line, color, and forms that you want to look at it for twenty seconds longer than most chibi stuff.

http://membres.lycos.fr/skanlon/picture … Slump3.JPG


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Yeah. And he did that for vehicles and mechanoids like no other too. And he also is an awesome narrator.

A pity he became a rich man so soon.


(Scanned by me, but hey).


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I don't expect you to sacrifice the binding.  Thanks.  I have a Yoshitaka Amano B&W book, if you want to see anything from that.

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Another Flyer source: http://g-catchcopy.cocolog-nifty.com/



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Always welcome.


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An awesome link, related to this: